Caixabank - UI/UX Mobile App

Redesigning Caixabank's mobile banking experience.

Case study in progress...

Caixabank is one of the most important banking institutions in Spain and needed to redesign its entire mobile digital experience.

As part of a team of 5 designers (sometimes up to 10 people) and in collaboration with product managers, product managers and developers we had the challenge of improving the perception of the mobile application.

We worked for a year and a half to launch the first phase of the redesign. I was in charge of redesigning the dashboard experience, the loan origination flows and the creation of the new chatbot.

We worked in an agile environment with all that that entails and finally we were able to improve the perception of the app by 65%. So I would say that we achieved our goal.

There were many hours between sketches, simplifying complex processes, creating new tools, prototyping new ideas and creating a consistent design system. In short, designing proactively as a team with product managers and developers, in order to create an experience that would offer real value to all users.

As the project was huge I am still preparing the success story in detail. For now, you can enjoy a small infographic that gathers the most eye-catching details of the project.

Infografia-Design-System copy

Let me know if you want to talk about potential collaboration. I´m available for freelance work.

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